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Eternal Grand Canyon


Dad was an avid camper. He often would take my brother and I camping. As a young boy, it was a great time, and provided many opportunities to experience the great outdoors. To learn respect for nature, and to value the beautiful resources that our country had to offer.
He taught us skills needed to manage our environment; picking a good camp site, building fires, learning to cook over the fire, and being responsible stewards of the land.

Amazing Grand Canyon

We camped in all seasons. There were times we had to hike in the snow to get to the camp site he had in mind. Backpacking all of our supplies; tent, food, sleeping bags, extra clothes, all the items we could possibly need. We would have to scout around for fire wood, and hope we had enough for the fire. As tuff, and primitive, as it was, the experience was character building. We learned we could go farther, endure more, and survive using the skills he helped us develope. I am grateful for the times we shared; it has prepared me for the joys of camping, hiking, and teaching others those same lessons from Dad...

 Grand Canyon

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